Is There A Mother-Daughter Connection Missing?

So let me start this out with a disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form putting down any beauty vloggers, considering I hope to start making Youtube videos with possibly makeup tutorials soon, so with that being said…

I am an avid beauty video watcher. It’s something I love doing in my past time when I’m not reading a book. I think they can be very educational and very informative, not to mention a great way to learn new ways to do your; makeup, hair, and nails. I have no problem with high schoolers watching these videos, or anybody older than that, though I do see a problem a little bit with middle schoolers watching them. So let’s get to the point of that.

Makeup, it’s something that connects girls worldwide. It’s an art form and its own language. You can wear barely any to every single product possible and nobody will blink an eye. Except, I guess I am kind of blinking an eye because I’m seeing girls years younger than me wearing way more makeup than I do, and I can wear a lot. They’re obsessed with the newest products and the high-end stuff, watching these “sultry eye” tutorials and following any beauty Instagram. It’s hard to believe just five years ago I was thirteen and the only girl in my group of friends wearing makeup and now eleven year olds are wearing cat eyes. Heck, I started wearing makeup at eleven but only because I had an older sister wearing it and had it on constantly anyway for theater. Yet now, it’s something these girls are wearing everyday to school. And my biggest problem with it, isn’t that they’re wearing the makeup, it’s how they’re learning how to wear it.

Now, now, I had a very unusual experience in how I learned how to do makeup. My mom and grandmother, both did makeup for the theater productions at my church since before I was born, so I learned watching them do SFX makeup and some regular. But my mom and grandmother both also took the time when I was growing up to show me how to apply my makeup. How to color match, find my undertones, my skin type, etc. But now, it seems that Youtube is showing you how to do all that. Once again I have no problem with beauty videos, but I don’t like how some have taken the place of what our mothers are supposed to teach us. I asked my mom about this and she told me how much she loved getting to show me all she knew about makeup, and loved getting to do my makeup to show me exactly what to do. And of course I’m not inside of anybody’s house, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. Think about it; would you want the internet to teach your future daughter how to apply makeup, or would you want to do it as a bonding experience? Even to this day seven years of me wearing makeup later, it’s still something me and my mom will forever connect with each other over. Nowadays, we learn stuff from each other and I’m thankful for that. Are you able to say the same? That you were able to connect with your mother over makeup? If the answer is no, maybe you should go talk to her about it. Make sure she’s there on your next trip to Ulta or Sephora. That connection between mothers and daughters is something that seems to be missing in this social media obsessed generation. And I really hope maybe you won’t let it go missing or can at least find it again.


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