When Yoda Speaks the Truth

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

This is a direct quote from Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith from one of the greatest characters to look up to… I typically overlooked a lot of the things that were said in the series just because I’d been watching them since I was born, but this time around watching them I really absorbed what was said, especially this line and, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate to suffering.” 

During this moment Yoda was telling Anakin this over the nightmares he was suffering over his mother’s death and how fearing a loss will make one greedy and turn to the dark side, and honestly I’ve never realized how true that was till I really thought about it… We’ve all dealt with losses, I know I especially have with losing my grandmother when I was 11, which meant losing my best friend. I never realized like Anakin, I was suffering over that loss, but fearing other ones to come that I can’t prevent. Just like I couldn’t prevent my grandmother dying but I wish like he, that I could have helped somehow. It made me greedy like what Yoda feared would happen and told Anakin would, it made me turn to the dark side and not believe God would do something that horrible to me and I wouldn’t let him do it again, so I lacked faith, and it was disturbing. (Vader Pun intended.)

Somehow, like Anakin, I found myself turning back to the light though, even though it wasn’t when I was dying like him, it was when I felt my soul dying because everything I knew of my life had been ripped away and I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t go through the motions of just showing up at church and then not learning anything all because of how my cards were laid out by God… So I earned my Jedi burial as Anakin had, even as Darth Vader…

I wish I could say I was like Leia, that the dark side never tempted me even as I watched other people, people close to me turn that way. But sadly I can’t, I think I will forever be an Anakin Skywalker, the one who lets temptations bring them down whether with power or with love. Or am I Luke instead? The person who suddenly feels the pull of the force and has to train to live the life of a Jedi, and breaks away from the pull of the dark side, you know… I think that’s what I am now, somebody who strives to learn and do whatever it takes to live that way and not the other.

Star Wars is one of those movie series where people take different things away from it because we always think differently, but looking at it now from a religious POV, I see the Jedi as disciples and the force as God, because though you can’t see it, you feel it and it’s living inside of you and will never abandon you and we all can have it if we try hard enough and want it enough. And obviously the dark side is Satan and the Sith Lords the sinners in this world who try to take us down, but in the end… We always end up on top.


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