DIY Prom Shoes

So last month I had the chance to go to prom. And after I got the amazing dress,IMG_6721 I knew I had to get everything else too! Especially the shoes! Me being who I am though, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find the perfect shoes just anywhere, so then I thought; “Hm, what could I do that nobody else would think of?” Of course, in that moment I knew I would have to DIY my shoes to perfectly match the dress. I thought long and hard on what to do, whether I needed to do the pink, blue, or green from my dress as the color, or something with bling. Maybe, something with flowers to match the bust that was covered in rhinestones. It took days to find what I wanted but I finally found the perfect shoes after looking, simple nude heels. Nothing too high or too short for me, and the perfect color to match my dress. Not only did I find the shoes the week before prom, but that same day I found everything to decorate my shoes with also! The perfect color of flowers to match, the perfect rhinestones, and just everything was perfectly matching to the dress.  IMG_6616

Here’s how I made these amazing shoes!

  • Step One, get all of your supplies together. Everything I used I bought at Hobby Lobby, except for the shoes which I bought at Cato’s. Also I ended up changing the glue I used, which I’ll explain later.


  • Step Two, I took the flower ribbon out of the package, and cut it into a single flower row instead of the three that it was in. I also cut it to fit the middle part of my shoe, the sides around the toe, and the ankle strap. I made sure to keep each strip even to what would be on the other shoe. IMG_6593
  • Step Three, is all about gluing. Like I mentioned earlier I changed what glue I was going to use. The regular tacky glue didn’t work, so I used this one called Liquid Fusion which worked amazingly! IMG_6604

I put a bit of the glue on a plate and used a paint brush to apply the glue directly to the shoe. And held the ribbon with my fingers to set the flowers. I let it IMG_6598set for over a half hour before moving on and applying more flowers.

  • Step Four, after applying the flowers to all the shoes I started to the rhinestones. Once again I used the Liquid Fusion glue on a plate, a paint brush, but this time I also used, now get this… a CHOPSTICK to help put on the rhinestones! IMG_6607
  • Step Five, enjoy your shoes! That’s how easy it is, literally only four steps. Quick and easy and so, so cute! Perfect for prom, a formal, or even wedding. Any special event deserves a cute DIY like this. IMG_6612IMG_6745

I enjoyed making these so much! Not to mention they stayed together perfectly the entire night and I’ll be able to wear them again to something that’s not prom. I hope you’re able to make a pair of shoes like these and enjoy them as much as I do! And I also hope that you find this DIY super helpful, and look forward to more! I can’t wait to really start working on this blog. Until next time!



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